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Friday, January 18, 2008 - Keystone Cops in Alhaurin al Grande?

I have picked this up from the forum, who says crime is all bad? LOCAL POLICE officers from Alhaurin el Grande recently spent an entire night chasing a lone criminal who appears to have embarked on a one-man crime spree. Local Police sources say that a patrol had approached the man, who is a well-known criminal with several previous arrests for robbery, as he was driving errati-cally onAvenida Gerald Brenan. The suspect then repeatedly rammed the police vehicle. A car chase then ensued through Alhaurin el Grande’s central streets, until, cornered in Calle Cruz, the suspect reversed into the police car in an attempt to escape.A short time later, he was again located in a parking area where he attempted to run over another two Local Police officers who had arrived at the scene. Both officers suffered injuries as they tried to avoid the car. One of the officers then tried to stop the driver by shooting at one of the car’s wheels; unfortunately the bullet ricocheted off the ground and hit another officer in the leg. The injured policeman, a veteran of the Alhaurin el Grande police force, was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery but is reported to be making a good recovery. In the ensuing: confusion, the suspect escaped from the scene but, some hours later on the same night. Local Police received calls from a number of residents reporting a burglary in progress at business premises on Avenida Gerald Brenan. Officers who attended the scene found the same man emerging from a hole in the wall of a supermarket on the Cartama road, carrying two hams. As he attempted to get into a Ford Escort, Guardia Civil and Local Police officers from nearby villages once again tried to detain him, unsuccessfully. He managed to get into the car, which has since been discovered to have been stolen, and began driving towards Malaga. Another car chase followed during which the suspect drove through a Guardia Civil checkpoint in Campanillas. He was finally apprehended after he crashed in-to another car in Los Asperones. It has been ascertained that this was his second arrest in two days, the previous one being for the attempted burglary of a house in Alhaurin el Grande. He has since been charged but released from police custody.

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