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Friday, August 26, 2005 - Update

We have been back to England for a few weeks, and I am afraid that we have been so busy since returning that the blog has been neglected. Anyway our British plated car has been sold and we are now the owners of a spanish registered car. This has been an expensive exercise, but not nearly as expensive as it would have been to re-register the car over here.
To keep up to date with our attempts to register with the empadriamento, we have been back to the "Casa de la Cultura" where we had to fill in yet another form, which duly received its obligatory stamp and told to come back in 20 days.

- We returned to the Casa de Cultura this morning (Sept 2nd) and exchanged our copy of the form mentioned above and it was exchanged for the certificate of padron, not too painful an exercise after all ;) -

The time has also come to register as residents. Yet another task that has been deferred because of the bureaucracy, so having made the decision we need the application forms which we have been told are now available from the local police station. We asked and were told that "yes they are" but only on two half days twice in a month, but not at all in August, so we should go to the main police station in Torremolinos. Sounds fine, and we turned up at 10 am to find a queue out of the office and down the street. I appears that there is now a ticket system in place whereby you need to turn up well before the office opens and queue and a policeman distributes tickets until they are all gone after that you have to go back another day. WE ONLY WANT APPLICATION FORMS! Not been back yet, I am trying to find if I can download the forms from the net (ANY ADVICE PLEASE??)

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