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Thursday, October 21, 2010 - Smoking ban AGAIN

Congress approves the new anti-smoking legislation Oct 21, 2010 It's expected the ban on smoking in all closed places will come into effect on January 2 2011 The Health Commission in Congress on Wednesday voted to approve the new tougher anti-smoking legislation which is expected to be enforced from January 2 2011. Following the Commission approval, the legislation goes straight to the Senate. The main measure is the banning of smoking in all closed public spaces, both on inside patios and outside hospitals, and in children’s parks. The only closed spaces where smoking will be allowed will be prisons, psychiatric institutions, and disabled and pensioners residences, although only if specially prepared rooms are ready. The text outlines how hotels can reserve upto 30% of their rooms for smokers, and a terrace is defined as an open air space provided that there are no more than two walls. The new law will see the introduction in schools, as young as infant, of content designed to prevent children taking up smoking, and teachers will also receive instruction in the area. Anti-smoking treatments will now be sent to the Inter-territorial Health Council for approval, and their possible inclusion in the list of items covered by the National Health Service.

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